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04/08/2016 - Follow the Grand Prix Agadir on endurogp.org 04/01/2016 - REDONDI… finally ?! 03/31/2016 - AUBERT and Beta ambitious… 03/30/2016 - “I didn’t expect to be that dominant!” 03/30/2016 - Still the main class ! 03/29/2016 - REMES facing the young guns! 03/28/2016 - Who will win the very first EnduroGP title? 03/24/2016 - “The racing was the best in the history of the sport!” 03/23/2016 - EPIC ! 03/21/2016 - WEBB wins the Trophy !
New website www.endurogp.org
With 2015 Junior World Champion Jamie MCCANNEY (GB – Yamaha) going to « Senior » class...
BELLINO and PHILLIPS now in E2 Class...
Completely dominant on the track this season, Manuel LETTENBICHLER (D – KTM) clinched 15 victories of 18...
We know it! The Enduro 2 class should provide a lot of riders in the EnduroGP Top 10...
2015 World Champion, the Finn Eero REMES (TM) will be the man to beat in the Enduro 1...
The brand new “EnduroGP” official title and the creation of the category is the big novelty...
Few days after his coronation, Colton HAAKER (USA – Husqvarna), back to the US, took a bit of his time...
The 2016 season has just ended...
The curtain has just fallen on this 2016 Maxxis FIM SuperEnduro World Championship...



Broadcasted since 2004 by ABC Communication (Promoter of the Championship and holders of the TV rights), the EWC keeps on increasing its audience and its broadcasting.
The 26' footage brilliantly carried out by the journalists and cameramen of VIGNEAU and CO Production offers also an excellent valorisation of the MAXXIS FIM EWC while ensuring a perfect promotion of this sport, which do not forget it, is the principal market share of OFF ROAD motorcycle segment.
The EWC is also granted this year (5' for each Grand Prix) of an important broadcasting during “FIM MOTO SHOW” the weekly TV magazine produced by the FIM and which is already broadcasted in 82 countries all around the world!
Since 2011, the EWC is broadcasted in the South America and Central America on ESPN thanks to a new broadcasting agreement. With FOX AUSTRALIA, EWC is also broadcasted in Oceania and especially in Australia, idem with SUPERSPORT for the South Africa.

MOTORS TV will be the main channel in Europe to offer in multi diffusion the EWC program...with a presence in more than 25 countries.

RAI SPORT, MOTO TV (Italy), TV3 Catalunya (Spain), SPORT + (France), SPORT TV (Portugal), YLE (Finland), ESPN EMEA (UK, Ireland) will also increase the audience of EWC in Europe...

For the first time, Asia will have the possibility to appreciate the 26’ magazine due to an agreement reached with ESPN STAR which covers 30 countries as China, India, Malaysia and South Korea...

Very good new also with the deal recently firmed with SPEED TV, very important broadcaster in the USA...


GP Poland 05 December GP Poland Lodz/Atlas Arena
GP Germany 02 January GP Germany Riesa/SachsenArena
GP AMV Argentina 20 February GP AMV Argentina Pinamar
GP Brazil 27 February GP Brazil Belo Horizonte/Mineirinho
GP Czech Republic 12 March GP Czech Republic Prague/Tipsport Arena
GP Spain 19 March GP Spain Madrid/Plaza de Toros

ENDURO Program

GP of Agadir 09-10 April GP of Agadir Agadir
GP Polisport of Portugal 16-17 April GP Polisport of Portugal Gouveia
GP Maxxis of Greece 21-22 May GP Maxxis of Greece Grevena
GP of Finland 11-12 June GP of Finland Heinola
GP Maxxis of Sweden 18-19 June GP Maxxis of Sweden Enkoping
GP AMV Seguros of Euskadi 02-03 July GP AMV Seguros of Euskadi Gordexola
GP Acerbis of Italy 16-17 July GP Acerbis of Italy Fabriano
GP AMV of France 10-11 September GP AMV of France Cahors
mika ahola brave one trophy


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