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03/25/2015 - A lot of new talents! 03/24/2015 - The competition increases! 03/19/2015 - The Big Show! 03/17/2015 - WALKER succeeds to BLAZUSIAK! 03/15/2015 - BLAZUSIAK CROWNED WORLD CHAMPION IN FRANCE 03/12/2015 - “I have let the door open far too many times!” 03/11/2015 - BLAZUSIAK to make history? 03/05/2015 - A successful tour! 03/04/2015 - Maxxis Tyres and Cody WEBB win their first Grand Prix! 03/01/2015 - CODY WEBB TOPS THE PODIUM IN BRAZIL
After a rich season, it’s time to make a balance sheet of the 2014/2015 edition...
After a complete season composed by six Grand Prix and a bigger rider level...
Here we are, the 2015 season is over...
The curtain has just fallen on the 2015 season...
KTM’s Taddy BLAZUSIAK is crowned the 2015 Maxxis FIM SuperEnduro World Champion...
Right before the final round of the Maxxis FIM SuperEnduro World Championship we had a chat with Cody WEBB (USA – KTM)...
Here we are! After more than three months and five Grand Prix...
Back on the Latin American tour of the Maxxis FIM SuperEnduro World Championship...
Already a title partner of the Championship since this year...
KTM´s Cody WEBB claims his debut Maxxis FIM SuperEnduro World Championship win...


 Enduro World Champions

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From 100cc to 175cc 2-STROKE

From 175cc to 250cc 4-STROKE

2014: NAMBOTIN (KTM - France)

2013: MEO (KTM - France)

2012: MEO (KTM - France)

2011: SALMINEN (HVA - Finland)

2010: MEO (HVA - France)

2009: AHOLA (Honda - Finland) 

2008: AHOLA (Honda - Finland)

2007: SALMINEN (KTM - Finland)

2006: CERVANTES (KTM - Spain)

2005: CERVANTES (KTM - Spain)

2004: MERRIMAN (Yamaha – Australia)


From 175cc to 250cc 2-STROKE

From 290cc to 450cc 4-STROKE

2014: RENET (Husqvarna - France)

2013: SALVINI (HM Honda - Italy)

2012: RENET (Husaberg - France)

2011: MEO (HVA - France)

2010: AHOLA (Honda - Finland)

2009: AUBERT (KTM - France) 

2008: AUBERT (Yamaha - France)

2007: AHOLA (Honda - Finland)

2006: ARO (KTM – Finland)

2005: ARO (KTM – Finland)

2004: SALMINEN (KTM – Finland)


From 290cc to 500cc 2-STROKE

From 475cc to 650cc 4-STROKE

2014: PHILLIPS (KTM - Australia)

2013: NAMBOTIN (KTM - France)

2012: NAMBOTIN (KTM - France)

2011: AHOLA (Honda - Finland)

2010: KNIGHT (KTM - Great Britain)

2009: CERVANTES (KTM - Spain) 

2008: ARO (KTM – Finland)

2007: CERVANTES (KTM - Spain)

2006: KNIGHT (KTM - Great Britain)

2005: KNIGHT (KTM - Great Britain)

2004: ARO (KTM – Finland)


2014: D. MCCANNEY (Beta - Great Britain)

2013: PHILLIPS (Husqvarna - Australia)

2012: BELLINO (Husaberg - France)

2011: JOLY (HM Honda - France)

2010: SANTOLINO (KTM - Spain)

2009: MENA (Husaberg - Spain)  

2008: OLDRATI (KTM – Italy)

2007: LJUNGGREN (Husaberg - Sweden)

2006: LJUNGGREN (Husaberg - Sweden)

2005: GUERRERO (GAS GAS - Spain)




                                                           2014: SANZ (Honda - Spain)

                                                           2013: SANZ (Honda - Spain)

                                                           2012: SANZ (Gas Gas - Spain)       

                                                           2011: PUY (Gas Gas - France)

                                                           2010: PUY (Gas Gas - France)








EYouth Cup CLASS


125 cc - Under 20 Years Old

                                                          2014: SORECA (Yamaha - Italy)

                                                          2013: J. MCCANNEY (Husaberg - Great Britain)

                                                          2012: REDONDI (KTM - Italy)

                                                          2011: MANZI (KTM - Italy)

                                                          2010: ROMAN (KTM - Spain)

                                                          2009: DUMONTIER (HVA - France)







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Video News

Top Seven Best Crashes

Top Seven Best Crashes

Intensity, will, thirst of victory... Every rider are on the limit to get that victory they all absolutely want! And sometimes they are losing the control... Here are the seven bests and most...

Highlights SEWC GP AMV of France

Highlights SEWC GP AMV of France

Check out best actions of the Maxxis FIM SuperEnduro Final in Cahors, France!

Track Preview SEWC GP AMV of France

Track Preview SEWC GP AMV of France

Jonny WALKER makes you discover the track and explains you each part of it with this Track Preview!

Preview SEWC Grand Prix AMV of France

Preview SEWC Grand Prix AMV of France

Here we are! The final round of the Maxxis FIM SuperEnduro World Championship will be held in Cahors (France) and Taddy Blazusiak is on his way for a 6th World title in a row!

Grand Prix SEWC of Brazil

Grand Prix SEWC of Brazil

Check out the best actions of last night Grand Prix of Brazil in Mineirinho, Belo Horizonte.


GP Poland 06 December GP Poland Gdansk/Ergo Arena
GP Germany 03 January GP Germany Riesa/SachsenArena
GP Finland 01 February GP Finland Helsinki Messukeskus
GP Mexico 21 February GP Mexico Guadalajara/Arena VFG
GP Brazil 28 February GP Brazil Belo Horizonte/Mineirinho
GP AMV France 14 March GP AMV France Cahors/Parc des Expositions

ENDURO Program

GP of Chile 18-19 April GP of Chile Talca
GP AMV Seguros of Spain 09-10 May GP AMV Seguros of Spain Jerez de la Frontera
GP Polisport of Portugal 16-17 May GP Polisport of Portugal Gouveia
GP Maxxis of Greece 06-07 June GP Maxxis of Greece Serres
GP Acerbis of Italy 20-21 June GP Acerbis of Italy Rovetta
GP FunnelWeb Filter of Belgium 11-12 July GP FunnelWeb Filter of Belgium St Hubert
GP AMV of France 03-04 October GP AMV of France Requista
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